Wavemaker Deployment

Wavemaker Studio  is a truly WYSIWYG web 2.0 development  & truely ajax deployment software:
Truly WYSIWYG web 2.0 development:
  • Drag & drop Application Assembly - Minimizes coding
  • LiveLayout™ - Preview live data within the studio
  • Studio Runs in a Standard Browser - No complex development tools needed
  • Enterprise-Ready Data Widgets - Automates all the heavy lifting needed to connect enterprise data to browser-based widgets
  • Single Sign-on Security - WaveMaker enterprise supports single sign-on using JOSSO
  • One-Click Widget & Template Publishing - Turns any WaveMaker page into a widget and/or template for reuse in current or future projects
  • Resource Manager - WaveMaker now has a drag and drop interface to manage images and files within a project
  • Charting Widgets (beta) - WaveMaker includes charting widgets such as pie, bar and stacked columns
  • Diagnostics - A new Diagnostics tab shows all bindings within the project. Use this information to follow the flow of activities within your application
  • Context-Sensitive Help - Each widget property and event now has a ? next to it. Just click the ? to find out more about it
  • Type Validation Flags - Green check marks show that bind source and destination match. Red Xs show that types do not match
  • LiveForm with To-Many Relationships - LiveForms now handle to-many relationships by automatically displaying grids.
Truely ajax deployment:
  • Push to Deploy™ - One-touch deployment to built-in WaveMaker server
  • Standard Java Deployment - WaveMaker .war file runs in standard Java servers
  • Fully Secure - Database login, LDAP, role based access controls (LDAP & RBAC in Enterprise edition only)
  • Automated Multi-tenant Support - WaveMaker Enterprise Edition can automatically isolate database accesses between the customers (tenants) of a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution
  • One-click Cloud Deployment - Applications built in WaveMaker Studio can deploy directly to EC2
  • RightScale Integration - For multi-server deployments, WaveMaker integrates with RightScale's cloud management platform
  • Faster Performance - With a new internal layout engine, DOM manipulation enhancements and a render only "need to see" portions of a page features, WaveMaker 5.0 applications are 10x faster than previously.
  • Smaller Deployment Size - Applications created with 5.0 produce almost 50% smaller WAR files for faster and easier deployment.
Wavemaker Studio has two editions: Community Edition & Enterprise Edition.
If you buy an enterprise edition you will receive full support from WaveMaker Software™, Inc.
However, you want to use community edition without fee, please contact us to receive help to deploy whenever you get stuck with it.
My first customer,Linux server, hired us to deploy Wavemaker Studio in his Linux Server (Fedora Core 8) and authenticate user who want to access the studio remotely. He gave us 10/10 at rating.